It's Time for You to Have

FUN, Fun and More Fun!!!

At HI-Q Boksburg K90 we do all types of 4×4 styling kits. From LED Spotlights Suspensions, Bumper replacements and more. 


4x4 Accessories & Lights


Bumper Replacements

We do all kinds of 4×4 Accessories for various vehicles. From front bumpers to rear bumpers, Stainless steel and powder coated black bars.


4x4 Suspension Kits

We do all kinds of suspension upgrades. From heavy duty 4×4 to your standard factory upgrade. Don’t roll over for just any suspension. 


Winches, LED Lights and more

Need to get your mates out of the mud? Then let us fit you one of the best winches in South Africa. We can also fit a spotlight so that you can find them.