It's Time for You to Have:

Peace of mind!

At HI-Q Boksburg K90 we ensure all work is done correctly and ensure a safe journey for you and your family. From wheel balancing to tyre repairs, your Family is in good hands!


It's all about the Tyres


Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing ensures that there is proper and even weight distribution of your tyres and wheels, and that it is consistent throughout. 

Correct balancing is vitally important to performance, safety and prolonging the overall lifespan of your vehicle. 

Get a Hi-Q Boksburg K90 professional to inspect the wheel and tyre balance of your car at least every 10 000km. 

Also, take the opportunity to ensure your tyres are evenly inflated every time you fill up your vehicle.


Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment concerns the specifically calculated direction and angle of your wheels, relative to each other and the surface terrain, which determines the overall alignment of your vehicle. 

Proper alignment affects the lifespan of your tyres, fuel consumption and the overall comfort and safety of your ride.

It is of vital importance to get your wheel alignment checked every 10 000km or annually. You should also get it checked whenever new tyres are fitted. In the event that you travel regularly, over long distances or under tough road conditions, it is recommended that you check your alignment more frequently.


10 Point Safety Check

  1. Tyre tread depth.
  2. Uneven wear on tyres.
  3. Exact tyre pressure.
  4. Wheel alignment.
  5. Wheel rotation.
  6. Shock absorbers.
  7. Exhaust system.
  8. Brakes (Pads, discs and brake fluid).
  9. Battery health.
  10. Wiper blades.

Tyre Repairs

If you notice that one of your tyres are deflating faster than usual, we recommend getting it checked out by a trained professional immediately.

Driving on an underinflated tyre is not only dangerous, but it can also cause further damage to the tyre.

At Hi-Q Boksburg K90 our tyre experts will first do a thorough inspection of your tyre to identify the problem before recommending repairing or replacing it.



Inflating your tyres with Nitrogen has many benefits.

As Nitrogen molecules are slightly larger than oxygen, they seep out of the tyre about 3 – 4 times slower than compressed air, resulting in slower tyre deflation and maintaining the correct tyre pressure for longer.

This means you’ll enjoy the benefits of:

  • Prolonged tyre life.
  • Better fuel economy.
  • Improved grip and handling on the road.

Wheel Rotation

  1. Rotating your tyres regularly ensures that they wear evenly and it makes them last longer.

    The process involves removing each tyre on your vehicle and refitting them in a different position i.e. rotating them – front wheels to back, back to front, cross over etc.

    The direction and way in which your tyres should be rotated will depend on factors such as your daily driving conditions, driving style and the make of your vehicle.