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Your Vehicle Checked

At Hi-Q Boksburg K90 we do 5 point checks, towbars, vehicle styling accessories, exhausts, brakes, shocks & batteries.


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A typical car battery is enclosed in plastic and contains lead plates submerged in reservoirs of water and sulphuric acid, which allows for electricity to be conducted. The battery is used to power your car’s engine. It serves as a power source, supplying energy to the rest of the car’s electrical functions, such as the starter, lighting, heating, electric windows and sound system, among others. A battery also functions to stabilise and regulate power output to your vehicle, so energy is not wasted or dispersed unevenly.



Shock absorbers are instrumental to maintaining the integrity of your vehicle’s suspension. They are primarily designed to allow the tyres to conform to the contours of the road, dampening potential impact on roads and other terrain. 

Shocks provide your vehicle with stability and maneuverability, which determines a smooth, balanced ride. Shocks affect how well your car handles the road and braking. They play a vital role in providing safe, balanced reflexes and handling during emergencies.

It is strongly recommended to have your shocks checked by a Hi-Q Boksburg K90 professional at least once a year, or every 50 000km.



Fully functional brakes are possibly the most essential component to ensuring your vehicle’s safety. When the driver pushes down on the brake pedal, the vehicle’s brake system uses hydraulics that apply force to each wheel through the use of pressurized fluid, in order to slow it down or bring it to a complete stop.

Be sure to get your brakes checked at regular intervals, typically every time you change or check your tyres.



Towbars are typically fitted to the rear of the vehicle, attached to its chassis. 

It is used for transporting or towing caravans, trailers and other vehicles. 

Although it is often overlooked, you should inspect the condition of your towbar periodically, especially if you frequently haul caravans, trailers or other heavy loads. 

As always, Hi-Q Boksburg K90 is your best bet for replacing or fitting towbars.



The car exhaust system is responsible for removing emissions, allowing the car to be safe for the driver and passengers as well as the environment. 

There are two other crucial functions the exhaust system serves. One is to lessen the loud explosive noises of combustion, the other is to ensure your car is running at optimum fuel efficiency.

The exhaust system is determined by different factors such as weather and driving conditions. It should undergo periodic inspection for corrosion and damage.


The Hi-Q Boksburg K90 5 Point Check:

  1. Check and secure all items in caravan.
  2. Check your indicators, brake lights and tail lights.
  3. Check that the mirrors are in the proper position.
  4. Check that the hand brake is released.
  5. Check that the safety chain is over the towball and that the tow hitch is properly secured over the towball.