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  • P Zero Nero

    Drivers’ needs and expectations are becoming more sophisticated, especially at the top end of the car market.

    Increasingly, fast trackers, the primary target for Pirelli, require ultra-low profile tyres with larger diameter wheels as well as higher tyre load capacity.

  • P Zero Rosso

    The evolution in the sports car segment has led to sophisticated electronic vehicle safety and comfort management systems being fitted as standard.

    In harmony with this and increasingly stringent legislation limiting acoustic pollution, Pirelli has created the P Zero Rosso: comfortable, quiet, ultra-high performance with no trade off. The name derives from the now legendary “P Zero”, which became a milestone, marking a fundamental turning point in Pirelli ultra-high performance tyre technology, and ‘rosso’, or red, which is synonymous with Italian motorsport.

  • P7000

    The P7000 expresses the high standard of experience and knowledge acquired by Pirelli over years of research and testing.

    Its development is linked to Pirelli’s world-wide victories in track and rally events.