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  • Scorpion Zero

    Ideal Choice for luxury/medium SUVs.

    High performance on road with optimal safety in off road conditions. Good grip and traction on gravel and grass/mud.

  • Wrangler AT/SA+

    The all-terrain star of the Wrangler range, featuring SilentArmor Technology.

    Developed in partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers, the Wrangler AT/SA+ provides you with good all round performance suitable for a mixture of on/off-road conditions. Available in 4 and 5 rib design.

  • Wrangler MT/R® with Kevlar®

    The aggressive, off-road specialist.

    The MT/R® is one of South Africa’s most distinctive tyres. The aggressive, eye-catching tread pattern and Kevlar®-reinforced sidewall will help you fight through the toughest terrains.