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  • Cargo G26

    A top performing tyre.

    Specially developed for light trucks and vans, the Cargo G26 sets high standards in its sector. The G26’s dual radius tread contour provides optimum footprint pressure distribution – an essential requirement for handling and even wear.

  • Cargo G91

    A durable and strong tyre.

    The Cargo G91 excels at carrying large loads. Based on the renowned Unisteel Technology, the Cargo G91 has an all-steel carcass, which increases its high load-carrying capability.

  • Cargo Marathon

    Radial light truck tyre. 

    To continue its long tradition of high-performance light truck tyres, Goodyear has developed the Cargo Marathon with innovative features focusing on the aspects of noise, comfort and improved traction. The tyre has been jointly developed with OE manufacturers

  • DuraGrip

    The DuraGrip tyre is specifically designed for city and family cars. 

    With fuel costs at a premium, Goodyear has incorporated low rolling resistance technology to reduce your car’s fuel consumption. The DuraGrip tyre delivers fuel economy, mileage and performance.

  • Duramax G22

    The tough, long-lasting tyre.

    The combination of a unique construction and material features makes Goodyear’s Duramax G22 the ideal tyre for a South African minibus taxi. It’s tough: The tyre is made for all road conditions. It’s long-lasting: Duramax G22 gets its name from its durability − its ability to wear well makes it an economical choice for every minibus taxi. It handles heavy loads: It is able to bear heavy loads without sacrificing comfort − an important consideration for taxi vans.

  • Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2

    The tyre with A-rated wet grip.

    Split seconds don’t just make the difference when accelerating. That is why we developed ActiveBraking, which combined with our new 3D Block Technology increases road contact. Because more rubber on the road means more braking power, so you can enjoy driving in wet or dry conditions.

  • Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3

    This performance tyre delivers you shorter braking distances on wet and dry roads so that you are in control and ready to enjoy the journey.

  • Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV

    An ultra-high performance SUV tyre. 

    Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV tyre for high-end performance SUVs. This SUV version of the award winning Eagle F1 Asymmetric also features Goodyear’s advanced Active CornerGrip Technology and Racing Compound, providing additional grip to the road and delivering unrivalled all-round performance.

  • EfficientGrip

    A robust hybrid tyre. 

    Environmentally-friendly FuelSaving Technologies are at the heart of this High Performance tyre which has a proven, significantly high safety element because of its excellent braking performance levels on both dry and wet roads. Adaptations for Africa’s challenging conditions have made the tyre even stronger, to ensure better tread wear and increased mileage.

  • EfficientGrip Compact

    The tyre that delivers on security and comfort with high levels of handling and performance. 

    Rolling resistance and therefore fuel consumption is reduced through tyre structure optimisation that leads to less heat generation. Further benefits include a shorter braking distance on wet roads, cornering stability and higher mileage. Thanks to this superb array of features, this tyre is an excellent choice for a wide range of vehicles.

  • EfficientGrip SUV

    The tyre with 2.6 metres shorter braking distance on wet*. 

    Drive with peace of mind on rainy or sunny days. The EfficientGrip SUV won’t let rain wash your plans away, with a specially formulated tread compound you can brake with confidence on wet roads leaving you free to enjoy the landscape.

  • Excellence

    Features and Benefits

    Wet grip
    Benefit from reliable road adherence in wet conditions. The Excellence features a compound polymer that sticks to the road, giving you shorter braking distances in rainy weather.

    Precision handling and even wear
    Experience confident handling when driving at highway speeds. Shoulder stabilisers help to maintain a firm grip when cornering. Pressure is distributed evenly across the tyre contact patch, for better handling and uniform tread wear.

    Smooth, quiet ride
    Make every journey a comfortable one thanks to an optimised tread pattern that reduces noise emissions

  • Wrangler AT/SA+

    The all-terrain star of the Wrangler range, featuring SilentArmor Technology.

    Developed in partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers, the Wrangler AT/SA+ provides you with good all round performance suitable for a mixture of on/off-road conditions. Available in 4 and 5 rib design.

  • Wrangler DuraTrac

    Features and Benefits

    Tough grip in deep mud and snow
    Take on challenging terrain thanks to TractiveGroove Technology, which delivers enhanced traction in mud and harsh conditions.

    Quiet, stable ride
    Even rugged 4x4s can offer relaxing journeys with a block design that reduces road noise. Angled centre tread blocks help maintain lateral stability on uneven terrain.

    Enhanced traction for dirt and gravel
    Brave tough and varied terrain with improved off-road traction. The Wrangler DuraTrac features self-cleaning shoulder blocks that rapidly evacuate gravel, dirt and mud as you move.

  • Wrangler HP All Weather

    The intelligent self-adapting 4×4 tyre. 

    Wrangler HP All Weather is a high-performance SUV/4×4 tyre – and its secret is our unique SmartTred Weather Reactive Technology. This all-weather tread compound offers effective traction in both summer and winter conditions, on/off-road.

  • Wrangler MT/R® with Kevlar®

    The aggressive, off-road specialist.

    The MT/R® is one of South Africa’s most distinctive tyres. The aggressive, eye-catching tread pattern and Kevlar®-reinforced sidewall will help you fight through the toughest terrains.